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Providing education is of utmost importance; an opportunity exists to do more to ensure that parents’ needs are met both in the NICU and during the transition to home.

What NICU Parents Want:

  • Family-centered care - It’s a standard of practice in NICUs
  • Adequate preparation for the transition home - Only 37% of parents surveyed felt that they received it
  • Information - This is primarily provided to parents verbally (86%), but also via brochures (65%) and handouts (59%)
  • More hands-on experience, practice and preparation - One in five parents expressed a desire for this

How you can help:

  • Enhance the quality, efficiency and reach of your patient and family education efforts
  • Assist your staff in complying with Joint Commission Standards of Care and Patient Safety goals and regulations
  • Contain your costs. No additional equipment to buy
  • Make learning convenient. Easily accessible online


The Newborn Channel NICU Tablet

  • On-demand educational video library that NICU parents can reference any time they are in the NICU and later when at home
  • Improves patient satisfaction and NICU outcomes
  • Indexed by category and title – allows parents to dig deeper into topic areas of most interest
  • Helps prepare parents of NICU babies for discharge and the transition home
  • Hospital can add customized content and parent resource information NICU
  • Tablet delivered in hospital  – configured specifically for your institution and adaptable to the NICU environment

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To learn more about how your hospital can integrate this valuable tool in your NICU department, please contact The Newborn Channel at 1-888-219-4678 or send an email to tnc@thewellnessnetwork.tv.